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King County Fire Protection District 10 is governed by a Board of Commissioners. The Fire District 10 Board of Commissioners meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM at the Headquarters Offices - 175 Newport Way NW in Issaquah, Washingon.FD10image

Fire District 10 was formed in June 1941, after a number of hearings and a vote of the King County Commissioners. The new district was the largest in the county at that time,and after several annexations, and with the City of Carnation merger in October 1990, the district has grown, and today is 110 square miles in size.

LiveFireOn January 1, 1999, the City of Issaquah and Fire District 10 combined to form Eastside Fire & Rescue. In January of 2000, the City of North Bend, Sammamish and Fire District 38 joined the consolidation and the partnership.



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Our Partners include the cities of Issaquah, North Bend, Sammamish and Fire District 38. The consolidation of this partnership began in January 2000.

As Partners with Eastside Fire & Rescue, we service a population of approximately 140,000 and cover 190 square miles.



Fire District 10 Stations:

  • Station 74 - Preston
  • Station 75 - Bellevue
  • Station 76 - Tiger Mountain
  • Station 78 - Coalfield
  • Station 79 - Maple Hills
  • Station 85 - Carnation
  • Station 86 - Lake Joy

Eastside Fire & Rescue Service Area and Partner Jurisdictional Boundaries

Have you ever thought about becoming a volunteer? Our volunteers come from all walks of life--students, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, corporate executives, homemakers. volThey have found fulfillment in serving their community.

Thank you for your patience; however, due to budget constraints, we will not be holding a Volunteer Responder Academy during 2016